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    We are working to safely & equitably reduce the number of children in foster care. But, we can't do it with out your help. On this site you can find ways to donate: - Your TIME - Your GOODS - Your SERVICES To help children get to safe and permanent homes more quickly.
  • Have something to donate?

    Contact Mary Geelan at mary.geelan@co.multnomah.or.us or at 503.988.4008.

Prevent a child from coming into foster care…

A single mother on fixed income (working poor) has no transportation and is finding it difficult to pay for the cost of doing laundry at Laundromat, as well as getting to the Laundromat. She needs a washer and dryer. If you are able to donate, please contact Mary at mary.geelan@multco.us. Thank you!


Help a young woman attend her sister’s graduation…

The Department of Human Services: Child Welfare is currently working with a 20 year old young woman who is seeking to attend her older sister’s graduation on Sunday, May 19th at Spellman College in Atlanta, GA. This young woman’s older sister is the first person in her family to graduate from college with a bachelors degree. We believe this experience … Continue reading


Urgent need for a day bed/sofa bed….

Help a child return to his father, so that child welfare can close the case by the end of the month. The father and child need a day bed or fold out bed, something to put in the living room that can be a bed but also fold up into a couch. If you have something to … Continue reading


Help a breastfeeding mother…

Can you help a mom who is in need of a bed (mattress/box-spring and frame-twin) and an armchair so she can breastfeed comfortably and sleep enough to care for her infant? If so, contact Mary at mary.geelan@multco.us. Thanks!


Help a mom with getting a crib…

Help a mom keep her child at home with her, by donating a crib, preferably a comfotable one that can transition into a toddler bed. If you are able to donate money or a new/lightly used crib, please contact Mary at mary.geelan@multco.us. Thank you!


Help a family with some of the basics…

Help a family whose children have recently returned home.  This family is in need of a vacuum cleaner. They have recently moved into their first apartment and do not have some of the most basic items. They also need a set of full sheets for the bed.  This mom has extremely limited income and is … Continue reading


Thinking about buying an IPad this holiday season? Think about buying one for a kid in foster care.

Thinking about buying an IPad this holiday season? Think about getting one for a kids in foster care. “I’m contacting you today as a CASA. I advocate for a foster child who has a myriad of physical issues and is unable to speak at this point — and maybe never. I talked with his speech … Continue reading

Help a mom support her newly returned 2 year old…

A 2 year old little girl was able to return home to her mother from foster care. She is average size for a 2 year old. Mother needs household items and personal care items; as the child was just returned home after being in foster care for almost 2 years. The list of needs includes: … Continue reading


Let’s get these kids on comfortable beds for the holidays…

A mom is working hard on finding stability for her family. They really need 2 twin beds for her children. They are current piling blankets on their current mattresses to keep the children from being poked by exposed springs. Please help. If you are able to donate new mattresses or money for two mattresses, please contact Mary … Continue reading

Homeless family needs double stroller…

A homless family needs a double stroller to afford the parents the ability to take their two children, a-2-week-old, and 1-year-old, out to look for housing without having to always carry the children on their backs and shoulders. If you are willing to donate please contact mary.geelan@multco.us